About Us

When did I start diving?

I became a certified Open Water Diver in  2008 after my wife told me that she wanted to go on a cruise.  We got certified but she is still waiting for her cruise...

Why did I choose to start sidemount diving?

Initially, I wanted to extend my bottom time, I went from a typical scuba cylinder (80 cuft) to a bigger cylinder (117 cuft) which also meant larger and heavier.

Rather than looking at a twinset, (two cylinders on my back), I looked at different options and after trying sidemount, I was hooked.

Why That Sidemount Guy?

My sidemount journey has been filled with expensive lessons to learn. With more people becoming interested in sidemount, I wanted to share my experiences with others so that they could be better informed and perhaps not make the same mistakes I did.