My Sidemount Gear

Scuba Diving is a hobby and passion for me.  The information that I am providing is my opinion, based on my experiences and research. Any gear that I want, I have to pay for myself.  If I make a bad purchase, I am the one who pays for it.  

I am continually changing and upgrading my gear, mostly for the better but sometimes I make the wrong choice and then have to back-up, change direction before proceeding forward.  I have already paid for my mistakes, you shouldn’t have to make the same ones.



My current BCD is an XDeep Stealth 2.0 Tec.   The decision to purchase my XDeep was after doing LOTS of research, communicating with and checking out what some of the top sidemount divers in the world are using.  

I did reach out to a number of world renowned sidemount instructors with various questions that I had.   The most amazing part was that they all replied back to me with excellent information.

My first BCD was a ScubaPro Knighthawk which was a great BCD and lasted for many years.  When I went to sidemount, I upgraded to a hybrid BCD which was promoted as great for backmount or sidemount.  I very quickly found out that it was not the right one for me.  Be sure to check out my Why Sidemount  page to see why I replaced the hybrid BCD.


My Drysuit

My drysuit is a Fourth Element Argonaut 2.0 Flex.  The entire experience of buying this suit was absolutely amazing.  Watch for our upcoming blog on our drysuit purchase.

APEX MTX-R Sidemount Regulator

My Regulator Set

Currently I am using an Apeks MTX-R Sidemount Set.  After speaking with a number of top sidemount divers in different countries, the Apeks reg was among their top recommendation.  I chose to go with the MTX-R set since is looked cooler than their XTX50 Set.

Right from when I started diving, I have always want a diaphragm regulator.  In my opinion, if the dirt and salt never get into the reg, then the chance of a failure would be minimized.  

There are other very good high performing piston type regs on the market which are a top performers but the piston is open to the environment. 

My previous reg set was a ScubaPro MK17 and S600.  The MK17 performed flawlessly for over 10 years (with annual maintenance).  Check out my research page for more info on why I chose switch to Apeks. 

Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Space Extender FFM IDM

My Full Face Mask

My current full face mask is an Ocean Reef Space Extender.  

I am hoping to add an Ocean Reef Predator T-Divers mask for extreme cold (like Iceland).  

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

My Dive Computer

The Shearwater Teric was a recent addition in late 2018 and I couldn't be happier.  I'm sure that I am only using 1/100th of what this computer can do.  The display is very bright and easy to read.  

My only regret is that I wasn't able to buy the air-integrated sensors yet, but they are definitely on the wish list.

I previously used an entry level dive computer that lasted me for years, but I should have made the change a long time ago.  Coincidentally, I have also noted that many tech and cave divers all use Shearwater products such as the Perdix.  That alone should say something about the reliability.

I plan to write a blog on this computer in the near future, keep checking back.

Paralenz Dive Camera

My Underwater Dive Camera

I purchased my Paralenz Dive Camera in November 2018 just before my trip to Curacao.  So far I am quite happy with it but still using and experimenting with different settings.    

Some (or most) of my video work needs some improvement but that's my problem, not the cameras.  Surprisingly, some of the best video that I captured was when I held the camera in hand (because I forgot the mount).  

Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog on my experiences with this camera and I hope to post some of the video in the near future.

Mares Avanti Quattro+

My Fins (not flippers)

A very recent addition to my gear are Mares Avanti Quattro+ Fins.  I will doing a blog on these in the future with my thoughts on them.

A few of my other fins are ScubaPro Seawing Nova which have amazing propulsion but for me, are difficult for backward propulsion.  I also have a pair of ScubaPro Go fins which worked well for a travel fin.

In my opinion, the challenging part with fins,  is that is seems there are very few places where you can try them before buying them.   You can only research, talk to people, and make an educated decision.  

Don't buy your fins based on which ones look nice. Pick function first, then pick your colour.

Upcoming Gear

Ammonite Torches


So excited to start testing out our new torches!

Warm Water Wetsuit


Time to replace my old wetsuit with a new one, I  have my eye on a new PROTEUS II

Another Sidemount Reg Set


Another Apeks MTX-RC Sidemount Set is definitely on the wish list.  Because why not?